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Founded in May 2016, Marigold Solutions provides a wide range of promotional services to individuals, businesses, and non-profits.  The majority of my work is photography and drone-based, but I have also provided consulting and web design services to companies and non-profits.  The Marigold 84 Photography & Print Collection features my photos from around Georgia.  Prints of my photos are available for purchase.  For more information and to view my work portfolios, please view the Business Services and Marigold 84 Print Collection Pages below:

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Providing photography, videography, drone and web design services to help small businesses and non-profits.

Portfolios: Commercial / Real-Estate

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The Marigold 84 Photography & Print Collection features photos from around Georgia.  Prints are available for purchase. 

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Ove the past few years I have worked with a number of local businesses and organizations from around Georgia.  Here are a few of the clients that Marigold Solutions has done work for...

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Have questions about services and/or pricing?  Contact Matt directly at (706) 207-1500 or by email at matt@marigoldsolutions.co  You can also leave him a message here by completing the online form.  Stay up-to-date with Marigold Solutions by following my social media sites below.  Thank you again for your support.  I look forward to hearing from you!

P.O. Box 793, Winterville, GA 30683

(706) 207-1500


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